The results from our recent parent and carer questionnaire can be found here.

Following requests from parents and carers of children in Year 2 and Year 6 who will be taking the 2016 SATs tests shortly, we have created a link here to two short films that help to explain the precedure. Hopefully this will help answer any questions, but you can always arrange a meeting with your child's teacher if there are issues that have not been addressed.
Key Stage 2 SATs information

Key Stage 1 SATs information

Parents and Carers

A recent visit from Ronnie the Rhino during part of a Day to Remember.
If your child joins Summerfield Primary School in Foundation Stage 1 or 2 then this is the start of a very important relationship and partnership between home and school (joining at any other time is no less important of course and we will work hard to establish that all important link). Parents and Carers are the first port of call in school understanding your child's personal needs and identifying opportunities to support them and/or work together to overcome any barriers that may affect their education and development. In the Early Years environment and initially in Year 1 Parents and Carers generally come into the school environment with their children to help them settle and exchange any relevant information with school based staff. Critical to every child's success is their emotional health and well-being. Making sure that everyone is in the loop about children's needs is vital to ensuring their overall success.

As your child journeys through school the exchange of information remains both important and invaluable. Although Parents and Carers may come into school less often it is always possible to speak to staff before and after school or to make an appointment to see a member of staff or equally telephone the office or contact us on-line to inform us of something we need to know about or you would like to discuss.
Our open door policy does mean that Parents and Carers are welcome in school at any time although access to staff does sometimes need a degree of prior arranging. We do ,however, hold two Parent Consultation evenings each year in the Autumn and Spring terms and these are timetabled appointments between 3.15pm and 8pm to try and accommodate everyone's schedule. At these meetings your child's progress is discussed and the ways in which you can continue to support them reaching their true potential. At any other time meetings may be arranged to discuss specific issues at a mutually convenient time. The focus is always working in partnership. In July we send out an Annual Report to summarise your child's progress during that academic year.

Summerfield PrimaryEach year we also hold Open Days and Stay and Learn sessions inviting Parents in to see the school in action and observe the teaching and learning taking place as well as have the opportunity to join your child having their lunch in the dining room - and may be even sampling a school dinner! 

Summerfield Primary School has in place a Home School Agreement that is given out each year so everyone is clear about how to work best together for the happiness and success of your child. 

All classes perform Class Assemblies throughout the year although how many is dependent on their age. Parents, Carers and family and friends are always welcome at these wonderful celebrations of the work being done and we send out invitations to let you know.

Finally, each half term a Newsletter is sent out from Class Teachers detailing the curriculum content and any important dates for your diary for example linked to trips or events in school plus organisational information about PE times or reading book changes and so on. .
These are supplemented by weekly news updates on our website and Newletters from the Headteacher.

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