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Summerfield Primary School

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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020


Nursery/FS1 enquiries

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Admission Arrangements

If you are considering sending your child to Summerfield and would like to visit, please ring the office (0113 2057520) for an appointment.

Admissions to Foundation Stage 1 are in date of birth order.  Children can be admitted after their third birthday. Parents and Carers should apply directly to the school.

Parents of four-year olds should receive a preference form from the local authority and they should return completed forms to the school or directly to admissions.  If you have not received a form or need help of any kind, please contact the school office or Foundation Stage staff.  

Pupils are admitted in this order:  pupils with special educational needs or who are in care, brothers and sisters of children who will be at the school at the start of the academic year, pupils nearest the school.  (please see the booklet "Starting Primary School in Leeds" available on the link below)

The Parents and Carers of children who move into the area during their primary years can contact school direct to see if there is a place.  The Parent/Carer will then be advised how to proceed.  Parents/Carers who have not moved house and who wish to change school will usually be required to wait until the end of the school term.                                               

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