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Summerfield Primary School

Welcome to the Summerfield Primary School website

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The new school term starts on Monday the 6th September 2021. Please click the link above to find out any relevant information regarding school opening. 

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Summerfield Primary School


The children and staff of Summerfield Primary School decided what we think our curriculum should look like. We made a list of features that we are certain about including in our curriculum….

  •   Have FUN and be ENGAGED
  •   Practise BASIC SKILLS = maths, writing, reading, grammar, presentation.
  •   Make LINKS between subjects and themes.
  •   Use REAL starting points, contexts and experiences.
  •  Use BOOKS (fiction & non-fiction) to explore themes
  •  Use OUTDOOR and LOCAL AREA space to explore and learn.
  •   Invite VISITORS to enhance learning eg, poetry, music, drama, PE, sport
  •  Go on TRIPS to enhance classroom learning.
  •  WORK TOGETHER in pairs, groups, whole class and classes together.
  •  TALK ABOUT and DISCUSS our learning
  •  Make CROSS CURRICULAR links between subjects.
  •   Always stay with and re-visit skills until they are DEEPLY mastered.
  •   Clear PLANNING and TIMETABLES to ensure efficient use of time.
  •  Have active FOCUS DAYS & WEEKS with flexible timetables.
  •  PUPIL VOICE so that children are involved in curriculum & learning.
  •  Enjoy OPEN ENDED learning so that we can ask and answer QUESTIONS.
  •  Learn LIFE SKILLS and prepare for our FUTURE.
  •  Make sure learning and skills are PROGRESSIVE through year groups.
  •  Build INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS together as the topic/theme progresses.
  •  Enjoy using READING & WRITING as a response to learning.
  •   All children will be CHALLENGED at an appropriate level.
  •  The highest academic and behaviour STANDARDS will be met by all.
  •  Children’s EMOTIONAL WELL BEING will always come first so that there are no barriers to learning.





This is a curriculum to suit the needs of children at Summerfield Primary School.  “The NC provides an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupil’s knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.” DfE

Follow the links below to the different curriculum areas.
You can also find details of all our after school activities here.
Whole school overview Y1 - Y6

Key Stage 1
LKS2 Year 3


Whole school overview

Whole school overview

KS1 overview
KS2 overview


Whole school overview

Whole school overview

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Religious Education
Leeds Agreed Syllabus for KS1 and KS2

Design and Technology
Whole School overview
Understanding contexts, users and purposes
Generating, developing, modelling and communicating ideas
Practical skills and techniques
Technical knowledge
Cooking and nutrition

Whole school overview

Long Term Plans 2020 - 21
Year 1 2019 - 20
Year 2 2019 - 20
Year 3 2019- 20

Year 4 2019-20
Year 5
Year 6 2020 - 21