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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020

Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health and Well Being: Child Friendly Leeds Support Materials


Child Friendly Leeds have put together the ultimate guide for children, young people and families during lockdown. This includes fun and exciting activities and things to do at home, advice and guidance for families during lockdown including health and well-being, links to websites and apps which feature virtual sessions, educational and fun learning resources for all ages and a competitions page!


The resources in our educational and fun learning blog have been compiled to support teachers, parents/carers as well as young people to access websites and app to add and support them with their remote education. It includes useful guides, activities, resources in specific areas such as climate change, history of Leeds, emotional health as well as fun learning links.


Our first monthly competition theme is well-being. In such a time of change, loss and worry for young people, prioritising personal emotional well-being is incredibly important. To help promote this message across the city, we are inviting children and young people to produce the ultimate personal well-being kit for yourself that can be used for children and young people across the city.