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The new school term starts on Monday the 6th September 2021. Please click the link above to find out any relevant information regarding school opening. 


Attendence News

The children have been spending their attendance tokens on the end of year attendance prizes.




Please ensure your children are in school at 8.55am. We are still trying to reduce the number of children who arrive late each day and once again ask for your support in this matter.

For support with attendance difficulties please arrange to speak to June King - our Safeguarding and Social Emotional Mental Health Leader - as there are ways in which school can help. We have various incentive and reward schemes in place for attendance including CLASSOPOLY which involves classes moving one or more places around a 'playing board' on display in the hall, depending on the % of attendance for the whole class in the previous week - from 96% upwards. The class 'lands' on a member of staff who then offers the class a reward for their good attendance.

Our weekly incentive scheme is a token based reward system. Children are awarded one token at the end of each full week they attend school on time. We have prizes to the value of one token up to 14 tokens so children can choose to spend or save their tokens to receive several smaller prizes or one or two greater ones.

If a child is five minutes late each day this will equate to 25 minutes of lost learning time each week, around 2.5 hours lost each half term, one day lost each term and three days every year and 18 days between years one to six! Please help your child to maximise every minute of learning they can by attending school every minute they possibly can.

Click here to see the impact of missing school over time and the corresponding loss in terms of a child's education and development.

Thank you - Summerfield Team. 


Attendance Policy 2021