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The new school term starts on Monday the 6th September 2021. Please click the link above to find out any relevant information regarding school opening. 

Remote Learning w/c 11th January 2021


Remote Learning

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote Learning Page!

Remember to check Class Dojo for regular updates.

Please send evidence of learning to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk

W/C 11th January 2021


Click here to access the timetable with an overview and explanation of activities for this week. The document also contains suggestions for other activities and resources to use as well as key information.

Resources required for each day can be found below. If we subscribe to a resource, we cannot publish it on this page so it will be sent either via Class Dojo or email.

Additional activities are at the bottom of this page.



Comprehension Pack

Text: Counting (pages 3-4, Answers on page 5) 


Draw a picture of the Dream Giver. Write around the image – label nouns (his wings/his goggles/his bag etc) plus thoughtful and precise adjectives, single words and descriptive phrases- encourage them to think of vocabulary to describe his physical appearance to someone who has never seen him.

Resource pages to be sent via Class Dojo – Write a range of sentences. Also see vocab ninja sheets with nouns, adjectives for ideas. 


 Multiples and Factors BBC Bitesize - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zqc9bqt



Is this statement always, sometimes or never true?

A number will always have an even number of factors because factors come in factor pairs.

Explore this statement and give examples.


Watch this video all about staying safe online  https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/44074704

Make a poster about how to stay safe online using Purple Mash - check your 2Dos.


Reading  (Access PDF from Monday)

The Wexbridge Crier (pages 7-8, answers on page 9)


 Watch the Dreamgiver clip again (see Monday)

Focus on either the part where the egg is cracked onto the ballet shoes or onto the astronaut in the book.

Write a short narrative of this part of the story. You are the narrator so write in the 3rd person. Use descriptive language for each part – the egg cracking, being poured and what happens next.

 Practise your spellings (using hyphens):

co-ordinate, co-operate, co-own, re-energise, re-emerge, re-enter, re-evaluate

Use strategies we have done at school – pyramid/drawing/colours


Prime Numbers BBC Bitesize - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zp778hv

Mathletics – revision of bar graphs


Introducing Space topic. 


Watch the videos and complete the activities.

Write down at least 5 questions of things you would like to find out about space.


Reading (Access PDF from Monday)

The Contraption (pages 11-12, answers on page 13)


Create your own Dreamgiver character.

Draw and if you have colours, you can colour it in.  Give it a name.

 Think about:

  • What they look like
  • Where they come from
  • How they carry out their job
  • How they move

Write a paragraph for each.

Practise your spellings (using hyphens):

co-ordinate, co-operate, co-own, re-energise, re-emerge, re-enter, re-evaluate


Multiplication - 2 digit x 1 digit recap.

Watch the video lesson and work through the examples with Miss Newton. Your independent learning has been sent via Class Dojo. If you are confident, answer 10 questions then move onto the challenge.



Purple Mash

2Do has been set – revising coding. Follow the instructions to make the fireworks explode.



Reading (Access PDF from Monday)

The Highwayman (pages 15-16, answers on page 17)


Plan your own dream that the dream giver could give.

 What dreams do the children have? • What objects does the Dreamgiver crack the eggs over to materialise the dreams? • How do they think this works? • Are these good dreams or bad dreams? Explain the reason for your answers

 You can draw images to help you plan but you must include sentences alongside to explain what you have thought of.


Short multiplication - information to follow


Additional information sent via Class Dojo

Complete labelling activity on Purple Mash - Check your 2Dos

Choose 3 of these questions and answer in  in your book -

*If I could cut a slice through the whole Earth, what would it look like?

*What is it like at the centre of the Earth?

*How solid is the Earth?

*How is the Earth beneath the ocean floor different from beneath the land?

*What if...the Earth's core was as cool as the surface?


Reading (Access PDF from Monday)

Tomb Raider (pages 19-20, answers on page 21)


Write your dream catcher story.

 How do they enter the room? 

What object is the egg poured onto? 

How does the dream come to life? 

What is the dream that the child has? 

Today, you may choose to do this on Purple Mash and email it to Miss Newton. 2Publish/Storyboard 6 frames. Or you can write in your exercise book.

 Spelling test - information to follow


Short multiplication - information to follow


Have a go at following the instructions to draw your own volcano! Make sure you keep this picture safe as we will refer to it during our Geography topic this half term. Remember to email a photo to Miss Newton for our next Art Gallery video!

Other activities

Need some more ideas of things to do at home?

Times Table Rockstars 


 PE – create your own obstacle course (ask permission when using objects from your house!)

Invite other members of your household to join in. Can you beat your time?

Make a poster all about what you know about space already. You might include pictures of planets, rockets that you know about, words or phrases that you know are linked to space.

Handwriting – practise using an extract from a reading book or writing your own jokes (approx. 100 words)

Create your own quiz for you to use with your family or friends. Choose a topic of your choice and generate at least 10 questions. They could be a mixture of multiple choice, true or false and knowledge based.

Design illustrations for your Dream Giver story. Be as creative as you can – we want to be able to imagine we are there!