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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020

Remote Learning w/c 21st June 2021

Remote Learning Year 5 Sarah to Edit

Remote Learning w/c 21st June 2021

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote Learning Page

This page will be updated daily during the isolation period. 

Remember to check Class Dojo and Parent Mail for regular updates.

Timetable and overview for this week. 

Please send evidence of learning to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk

A range of websites can be found on the Remote Learning Tab at the very top of this page for additional activities.



Task 1: Spelling on Purple Mash.

Check your 2Dos. Listen/read the word. It will then disappear. Your turn to write the word.

Task 2: Watch the video so you know what you need to do.

Task 3: Write your description of your mythological creature - you can do this on paper or on Purple Mash (instructions are in the video you have just watched)

Make sure you include facts about your creature - remember to use your imagination! The creature may have multiple legs or heads. How dangerous is it? Does it help anyone? Where can you find it? What does it do? How does it get angry? How can you defeat it? If it helps heroes, tell us who it helped and how.


Worksheet Adding Decimals word problems. Please make sure you have completed any outstanding Mathletics activities during this week.

Practise your times tables on TTR - something exciting is going to happen tomorrow!


Unit: Animals including humans: Changes in Old Age 

Task 1: True/false statements sent via Class Dojo. Decide which statements are true or false about changes to people in their old age.

Task 2: read the information sheet sent via Class Dojo - did you get the true/false statements right? Create a poster about using the key facts you have learnt about what changes happen to you physically and mentally when you reach old age.


Live Lesson @ 11am on Teams.


Task 1: Watch these clips of Theseus and the Minotaur (you will recognise one of them!)

(It isn't the whole assembly - just the myth!)

Write your own version of the myth - add in more descriptions and better sentence openers. 

Who could your audience be? You might choose to write this to retell to someone in your family or you may save it for when you return to school. If you want to write a scary version of the myth, make sure it is appropriate for your audience.

How are you going to write it? You could handwrite this and take a picture to send to Miss Newton. Or you can go onto Purple Mash/2Publish Plus/Blank Chapter Book and save it into "My Work." Let Miss Newton know that this is where you saved it. (You can add pictures to this!)



White Rose Maths video Kilograms and Kilometres - 2nd video on the top row of the webpage.
Worksheet to be sent out on class dojo
History (Change to the timetable - Spanish may happen on another day)
Research the Ancient Greek Olympic games - watch these videos to give you a general idea. If you wish to do further research on the internet, please check with an adult first.
Choose how you want to share your knowledge of the Olympics. 
- purple mash (2Publish Plus and choose the format you wish)
- draw pictures and label (like a mind map, poster or  booklet)
- produce a video and send this to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk (if the file is too big it may take a long time so think carefully about how much you want to include. Hint: speak fast!)
- you may think of a different way and that is fantastic!


Task 1: Spelling - homophones (see your 2Dos on Purple Mash)
Task 2: Continue your writing from yesterday. Go back and watch the videos again if you need to.
If you have finished, check your feedback if you handed it in on Tuesday. If not, make sure you re-read it and look for spelling/punctuation or paragraphs that need to be edited.
Choose a section of the story and improve the language you have used such as sentence openers, descriptive phrases or try including some dialogue!
White Rose Maths watch the video on millimetres and milliletres (1st video on 2nd row)
Worksheet will be sent via Class Dojo
Times Table competition - final hour between 1pm and 2pm - all points scored in this time count towards your team score. - It's very close!
Purple Mash
2Do has been set 
Draw your own version of Medusa's head!
Medusa famously had snakes instead of hair on her head. If you are unsure what she looked like, do some research on the internet or hover over the icon on Purple mash and you will see another example.


Live Lesson @ 11am on Teams. 
Today we are going to look at writing from a different perspective - You can choose whether you do this on Purple Mash or write it down on paper.
Watch this video of Little Red Riding Hood - the difference is that this version is told from the point of view of the wolf. (Be warned it's a bit cheesy - but you'll get the idea!)
In school, we looked at four different myths - As well as Theseus and the Minotaur, they were:
Daedalus and Icarus
The Twelve Tasks of Heracles
Eurydice and Orpheus
Think about whose perspective we read these from (hint: they are written in bold above!)
Choose one of these myths (or you may choose a different one) and write a couple of paragraphs from the point of view of a different character. So for example you might pretend to be Icarus "I can't believe what my dad has decided we should do now...apparently we have to make our own wings!
Here are a couple of youtube animations of some of the myths if you need to be reminded of the myths (parents, please be aware of adverts - we have no control over these)
The Twelve Tasks of Heracles are all very long clips so you may want to look these up yourself.
If your child struggles with this task, watch one of the videos and then they can draw a story map of the myth (draw pictures for key parts of the story and then see if they can retell it to you or a family member)
White Rose Maths Watch the video on metric measures - last video on the page
Worksheet to be sent via Class Dojo
Times Table Rock Star Competition - well done to the girls who won over the last 2 days. Great team work! Top scorers mentioned in the live lesson. Remember only points scored between 1pm and 2pm contribute to your team score.
Screen Free Activity (change to the timetable as we did history on Tues pm)
Choose from the activities below - send in a picture of what you have done!


10-10:30 Times Table Rock Stars Arena - play against each other live
(Miss Newton might join in too - look for Hana Rox!)
1-2pm Times Table Rock Stars Competition 
Task 1: Spelling set on Purple Mash. Check your 2Dos.
Task 2: Reading comprehension on Perseus. This will be sent out via Class Dojo.
Tasks set on Mathletics. Please check any other outstanding activities on there. 
1. Are You Ready (measures)
2. Mass addition
3. Capacity addition
Choose one of these art projects to have a go at!
(You can do more than one if you would like to!)