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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020

Remote Learning w/c 1st February 2021


Remote Learning w/c 1st February 2021

Remote Learning w/c 1st February 2021

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote Learning Page

Remember to check Class Dojo for regular updates.

Please send evidence of learning to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk

A range of websites can be found on the Remote Learning Tab at the very top of this page for additional activities.

Timetable and Overview Details of Live Lessons and Remote Learning activities this week.

*NEW* Drop in Sessions on Teams each day if you need support with any of your learning. 



BBC Bitesize Dealing with unfamiliar words


Watch this reading of "One Giant Leap" by Don Brown

Activity 1 - watch the video through once without stopping. 

Activity 2 - watch the video again, but this take make bullet point notes of important parts of Neil Armstrong's life. Pause the video if you need to. We will be using what you find later on in the week. Remember, dates and numbers are really important!

Activity 3 - Complete your newspaper report from Friday.


Live Lesson 11:30am - Division

Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 12pm (optional)


Images in the Media Oak Academy  Lesson.

Watch the video and complete the activities.


Link on Timetable and Overview document.



Watch the reading of One Giant Leap again (we looked at this yesterday)

Questions about the text.


Live Lesson 10am - Biography unit.

Mary Seacole text you will need this for the activities after the lesson.

Activity 1 -  find sentence openers (this will be demonstrated in the Live Lesson)

Activity 2 -  think about what the headings could be for a biography about Neil Armstrong based on what you learnt yesterday.


Divide 3 digits by 1 digit Watch the teaching video  (2nd video on the top row)

Worksheet sent out on class dojo


Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 1:30pm (optional)


Soluble and Insoluble materials

Parents, please read the slides carefully before the session.

This is an experiment continuing a unit that we were looking at just before Christmas.



LO: Infer
Task: Pretend you are Neil (use 1st person) and write down how you would feel in these situations. Write at least two sentences for each. Think about the vocabulary you use.

1. How did Neil feel when he went on an aeroplane for the very first time? (He went with his Dad - find it in the text/video and work out how he felt.)
2. Neil asked if he could learn how to fly.
What would he say to his parents? What reasons would he give?


Pre recorded video 

Activity 1 - use the modelled example to write your own introduction for Neil Armstrong. If you get stuck, change key words in the example in the video e.g. adjectives and sentence openers.

Activity 2 - read through key fact sheet about Neil Armstrong. 

Neil Armstrong

Spellings - choose 6 of your spellings and write a sentence for each


Live Lesson 11:30am - Division

Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 1:30pm (optional)


Purple Mash Check your 2Dos.

Activity 1 - Information about the Solar System.

Activity 2 - Draw the Moon. Remember to include detail to show the craters that we can see on the surface of the Moon.


Tasks for today

Ring of Fire Part 1

Ring of Fire Part 2

How to make a volcano



Look at this picture from "One Giant Leap."

Write down 15 questions you could ask about this image.


Live Lesson 10am - Biography unit.

Sentence openers


Mathletics activities on factors, compatible numbers and an Are you ready quiz

Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 1:30pm (optional)


Watch this video and have a go at drawing your own astronaut!

Other activities

These can be done on any day - your choice!

Non Screen ideas from Pobble Loads of brilliant suggestions of other activities you can do at home.

Handwriting – practice using an extract from a reading book or writing your own jokes (approx. 100 words)

Times Table Rock Stars Get learning your times tables! Great competition within Y5 at the moment for improving Studio times and Garage scores.

Mathletics Maths games and complete any outstanding activities please.

Purple Mash Educational games and resources

Book Review for a favourite book