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Summerfield Primary School

Welcome to the Summerfield Primary School website

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The new school term starts on Monday the 6th September 2021. Please click the link above to find out any relevant information regarding school opening. 

Remote Learning w/c 25th January 2021

Remote Learning w/c 25th January 2021

Remote Learning w/c 25th January 2021

Welcome to the Year 5 Remote Learning Page

Remember to check Class Dojo for regular updates.

Please send evidence of learning to year5@summerfieldprimary.org.uk

A range of websites can be found on the Remote Learning Tab at the very top of this page for additional activities.

Timetable and Overview Details of Live Lessons and Remote Learning activities this week.

*NEW* Drop in Sessions on Teams each day if you need support with any of your learning. 



Finding Information in Non-Fiction Texts on BBC Bitesize. 

Watch the videos and complete the activities.


Live Lesson 10am - continuing our newspaper report.

Task: After the lesson, have a go at writing the next paragraph(s) as we have talked about. 

Journalistic language ideas

Write a paragraph to develop your idea or why it happened.

Write a paragraph to explain how it happened.


Do you know what all of these words mean? Look up any definitions you are not sure of online.


Pre-recorded video lesson

Multiplication 2 digit x 2 digit  Questions

Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 12pm (optional)


My Own Workout Oak National Academy video lesson and activities.


Links to activities on timetable at the top of the page.



Comprehension on The Moon - Part 1 (Sent via Class Dojo)


Writing a paragraph for your newspaper report including a quote. Remember to use the sheet from yesterday for journalistic words and phrases.

Instructions for task


Practise your spellings using the pyramid/missing letter/drawing a picture/colour strategies.


Live Lesson 11:30am - multiplication

Task sent out via Class Dojo following the lesson

Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 1:30pm (optional)


Solar and Lunar Eclipses Oak National Academy Video Lesson 

Activity to go with video

Please do not print out the worksheet as it will use a lot of ink and there isn’t that much to do on each page. It is better to write out the answers in your exercise book or on paper.


Link on timetable at the top of the page.



Comprehension on The Moon - Part 2 (Sent via Class Dojo)


Live Lesson 10am - Continuing our newspaper report.

Task: Write the final paragraph for your newspaper report using the present/future tense. Use the tips looked at in the live lesson.


Use each of your spellings within a sentence.


Watch the video called Multiply 3 digits by 2 digits. You should be able to make it full screen. (White Rose Maths)


Task to be sent via Class Dojo.

Live Drop In Session on Teams @ 1:30pm (optional)


Coding activity "Magician" on Purple Mash - 2Do has been set.

Hint: make sure all code is connected e.g. there are no gaps between the lines.


Live Drop in Session on Teams @ 9:30am (optional)


 Comprehension on Enormous Eruptions (Volcanoes) Sent via Class Dojo


Plan your own newspaper report on Life in Lockdown. Create your own headline and make notes about what you want to include. Have a go at writing your leading paragraph including the 5Ws. Who will you interview? How will your report end? 

Planning sheet


Live Lesson 11:30am - Division

Activity to follow after the lesson





Create your own Top Trumps cards for heroes and villains from stories you have read.

Think about the criteria you could use e.g. Hero rating/Strength/Personality/Attitude...you can probably come up with better suggestions!


Live Lesson 10am - Catch Up with everyone. Tell a Joke! + Spelling quiz

Write your own newspaper report about Lockdown on Purple Mash - use your plan from yesterday to help you. Include a picture and a caption if you can. Don't forget that your lead paragraph should have the 5Ws within 2 or 3 sentences.


3 division activities set on Mathletics 

     1) Mental Methods Division

     2) Divisibility 2, 5, 10

     3) Divisibility  3, 4, 9


Live Drop in Session on Teams @ 1:30pm (optional)


Spiral Shading - 2D/3D effects. Add colour to it if you wish!

Other activities

These can be done on any day - your choice!

Non Screen ideas from Pobble Loads of brilliant suggestions of other activities you can do at home.

Handwriting – practice using an extract from a reading book or writing your own jokes (approx. 100 words)

Times Table Rock Stars Get learning your times tables! Great competition within Y5 at the moment for improving Studio times and Garage scores.

Mathletics Maths games and complete any outstanding activities please.

Purple Mash Educational games and resources

Book Review for a favourite book