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The end of the Half term is Friday 18th December 2020 and we return in the new year on Monday 4th January 2020

Remote learning: Week of the 11th January 2021

Remote learning for the week of the 11th January

Monday 11th January 2021 learning:

Time table for the week beginning the 11th January:  Timetable-11th January week

Monday 11th planning- PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Planning 11th January

Reading learning:Reading taskEnglish learning:English task

Maths learning:Maths task 11th Maths Powerpoint

History and art learning: History and art PowerpointImages for history


TUESDAY 12TH  Tuesday 12th planningReading learning:Reading task 12th

English learning: English 12th Powerpoint  English activity 12th

Maths learning:Maths 12th PowerpointPE and ICT learning are on the planning.

Please contact me on Class Dojo if you have any questions or need any help with the learning set. 


Thursday 14th January 2021 planning: 

Thursday 14th planning Reading task: Reading task14th

Maths Powerpoint and task Maths task: see Class Dojo

English preposition poster: see Class Dojo

Spanish: Remember you don't need to do all the tasks set. Spanish Powerpoint

Spanish planning: Spanish planning Spanish tasks:/docs/colores__1_.pdf

/docs/colours-repetition-sp.pdf /docs/unit3-mat.pdf


Friday 15th January 2021 planning:

Planning: Friday planning 15th Reading task:Reading lesson 15th

English lesson: English 15th 

Maths Powerpoint: Maths Powerpoint Maths task:Maths task